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Sandy Hook Hoax: Welcome. Aug 18, 2014 15:25:54 GMT -8
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starlove: Keep up the good work guys! :-* Aug 18, 2014 15:31:57 GMT -8
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carole: I just heard about it from Facebook and registered. Aug 18, 2014 15:39:56 GMT -8
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Sandy Hook Hoax: :) Aug 18, 2014 15:39:56 GMT -8
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diane: Hi,, I'm Diane... been a member of SHH on Facebook for several months and enjoy it all the time. My primary interest is what happened at Sandy Hook and how they are trying to use it for gun control legislation, mental health legislation, and for BIG $$ Aug 18, 2014 16:22:41 GMT -8
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Sandy Hook Hoax: Hi Diane. Welcome. Aug 18, 2014 16:34:34 GMT -8
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MoboEarth: :P Aug 19, 2014 10:02:52 GMT -8
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Sandy Hook Hoax: :P Aug 19, 2014 10:36:39 GMT -8
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henderson1406: Hello to All Sept 3, 2014 19:00:19 GMT -8
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henderson1406: what's the rule on videos being posted? Sept 3, 2014 19:15:40 GMT -8
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Sandy Hook Hoax: No rule. Post away. Sept 4, 2014 12:45:50 GMT -8
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elizabethfrompawtuck: where do i get my VIP creds? Nov 10, 2014 21:23:48 GMT -8
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bigfoot: Good day. :) Dec 2, 2014 19:13:00 GMT -8
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tc: Looking for information exchange and like-minded people. These staged incidents are apparently more common than I once believed. Excited about being here! Dec 19, 2014 15:39:30 GMT -8
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tc: Sooo, after going through a few of the threads here, I see that anyone can come in and say they are from Sandy Hook and connected in one way or another and then go on to bemoan the fact that many people don't believe their story. Dec 20, 2014 8:21:57 GMT -8
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tc: The Sandy Hook Hoax has become a multi-million dollar industry. Why wouldn't conspirators desire to keep it going? Even this web site asks for money. Dec 21, 2014 11:55:45 GMT -8
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mothershipton: I heard from Brian Robertson that there was going to be a google chat tonight and I hoped to join. Can you help me know where to go? Dec 30, 2014 17:46:19 GMT -8
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elizabethfrompawtuck: Where do I get my VIP creds? Jan 3, 2015 12:34:59 GMT -8
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hohum: Why isn't my request to join FB group being approved? :( Jan 10, 2015 12:42:41 GMT -8
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courtney: hello! i am taking a college class on conspiracy theories and I chose the topic of sandy hook. what is everyones views and ideas about this topic!! any feedback is welcome! thanks!! Feb 24, 2015 16:28:22 GMT -8